What in the World?!

 I kept asking everyone their opinion of me writing a blog as if I needed them to confirm what God had already told me.

It started last spring, the idea of writing a blog.  Funny thing about that whole idea, I barely knew what a blog was or how in the world one went about writing one.  My husband and I had just married off one of our daughters and all of a sudden we had an empty nest.  I was still working, leading my small group Bible study and living life with my wonderful husband of 33 years. I just felt a calling to do something and it came to this, writing a blog.

I came upon a scripture, that I just knew God was using to confirm I was to start writing. Psalm 105: 1 reads: Thank God!  Pray to him by name!  Tell everyone you meet what he has done! (MSG) That’s it.  I’m just going to share what works for me.  Somethings will really crack me up and you won’t think is funny at all.  Sometimes, I’ll get mad and you’ll wonder what all the fuss is about.  It’s just about sharing my thoughts.  It’s about telling my story because my story really is the Good News of Jesus.  How He can save one young girl and give her a life full of promises and joy.  It’s about me taking the chance to tell anyone who would like to listen, that Jesus is for real and will make a difference if you let him.

I’ve had a slow start.  I kept asking everyone their opinion of me writing a blog as if I needed them to confirm what God had already told me.  Silly, how many times do I try to get a second opinion, when I’ve gotten confirmation from God is asking me to do?  Too many to count I’m sorry to admit.

This first post is rough, they may all be for some time.  I decided that’s okay as well.  I want to write and I want to get better, I better get started.  How do I edit the page?  I didn’t want to publish that yet! Good grief, I thought this would be easy.  Forgive me blogging experts for my naivety.  How do I add an image? Why didn’t I research more?

Do these doubts and struggles sound familiar?  It’s with anything new, we are drawn to do.  Do our fears keep us from trying? I would have to say before today, yes.  I held back, waiting for one more confirmation, one more assurance.  Not today.  This is nothing ground breaking, but it’s from my heart.  Direction from God.  I’m excited to see where He takes this!

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  1. Lorie, How exciting is this? I want to write a blog too!!! LOL But…I haven’t felt that calling…. I did accept a call from God to do a Book Study. I’ll tell Cheryl about it and she can relay it to you. I’m thinking I should keep a journal of all that’s happened since I accepted that call. How many times does God prompt us to do something and we don’t do it. Fear, not capable, not really my gift, that wasn’t really God talking to me…or I just don’t want to do it…all comes to mind when He Calls. The business I’m in talks about “kicking fear in the face.” I also need to be more attentive to Him. Can’t wait to see what all you bless us with. Have a great day and I’m so sorry Cheryl didn’t have room for you in her suitcase! P.S. I’m not use to blogs either. Do you have a special website that I get on? Will it show up on my FB feed?

    1. Sue! Isn’t it great God calls each of us to something different!? If you select follow on my blog page, you will be notified each time I post a new one. It will also post to FB. I even activated Twitter. Lol I’m still teachable. I can’t wait to hear about your study too.

  2. Just got done selecting to follow you. Looking forward to hearing from you often. The Book Study is on prayer… Circle Maker

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